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>>PSK Arena – LLENTAB hockey hall
PSK Arena – LLENTAB hockey hall

PSK Arena – LLENTAB hockey hall

PSK Aréna – hokejové haly LLENTAB

Hello, I’m Rado Somík.

Hello, I’m Igor Liba.

Hello, I’m Róbert Čop. I’m a former ice hockey player and a native of Prešov.

My name is Julius Hudeček, I’m from Spišská Nová Ves.

Hello everyone, I’m René Pucher, formerly of the national ice hockey team.

Hi, I’m Jaroslav Obšut and I’m from Prešov.

I’m Róbert Pukalovič, a former ice hockey player.

Hi, I’m Michal Sersen and I’ve been playing ice hockey since I was five. And I’m very happy that Slovakia has started building stadiums like this one in Prešov.

Llentab has been building these winter sports stadiums all over the world for several years now and I’m very happy that they’ve added Prešov to their map.

As far as I know, it’s the third stadium in Slovakia and I trust it won’t be the last.

The first one is in Mikuláš, the second in Levoča. Now the third one will be in Prešov.

I’m very happy that we have another new stadium in Slovakia, of Swedish design.

By pure coincidence, I play in Sweden. Llentab has built many stadiums there which are very good. I’m glad that they’re now building them in East Slovakia too, in Prešov, and I’m looking forward to playing there.

It’s an extremely well-built stadium and I believe it will last for many years and make all children, athletes and all of us happy.

If only we had a stadium like this in every bigger city, at least one, that would be wonderful.

It’s an excellent project for ice hockey and for young people. It’s perfectly connected to a secondary school for children who’ve done ice hockey at primary school and need the opportunity to continue.

When children do sports and when the nation does sports, then the nation is healthy and lives a merrier life. Sport is phenomenal.

Ice hockey fans from near Prešov, come and experience this wonderful stadium for yourself.

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